What is a motorcycle to me?   

It's not just a means of transport.       It's not just a form of freedom.    It's not just a lifestyle.      It's not just vehicle to beat cars in traffic.

It's all of the above combined with something more:

It has to be cool!      It has to be made in a way that makes you feel good even when you're not riding it.       It's got to have a wow-factor.

This is all subjective  of course.

In my view a motorcycle has an engine you can see and it is not hidden by fairings.

Most motorcycles in the past and present  are  not always  designed to be built to a  high standard.   

Costs have always been important.  And so metal makes way for plastic.

Some manufacturers however really want to build that cool bike................. which results in a pricing that is high but understandable.

These low volume motorcycles attract a public that wants to ride a cool bike and stand out.

There is another group that wants to own a motorcycle that is unique.  They buy a complete customized  bike or build  one by  themselves.

I don't mean building a motorcycle by  replacing a bunch of standard parts with expensive aftermarket items.

I mean building by professionals  who  really change the appearance of the motorcycle  and are  not afraid to alter the original product in a drastic way.

Some people regard changing an original as sacrelidge. Other  people refer to to these machines as Art.

Art is something you can look at and that touches you in the heart.

That's the way I build  my motorcycles.

I get my inspiration from looking at a motorcycle that really appeals to me.  Then I draw up a plan on how I would have  built that bike. And then I build it.

This means that building a motorcycle can sometimes take up to a year, but then the product is just how I want it to be.